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A Day in the Life


As some of you know, I travel to Liverpool for my hiv care. Clinic day starts early - I'm usually up at 4am, just to make sure I've got plenty of time in case I'm having a "bad gut day".

The taxi arrives at 5:50am to take me to the airport.


My chariot awaits...


I fall asleep as the plane zooms out over the Irish Sea...


...and wake up as we roar over the Mersey.


When I first started going to clinic in Liverpool, the airport (then called Speke) was little more than a shack. My how it's grown!


A taxi firm picks me and other Manx hospital patients up in this mini-bus, which smells like rotten socks inside. Not the best way to travel when one is prone to motion sickness!



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Comments on Ann Smith's blog entry "A Day in the Life"

Ann, my dear, seeing what you go through just to make it to a doctor's appointment gave me the swift kick in the pants I need, to "STOP COMPLAINING" about the 1 hr. drive I have to make each way.

Love & hugs to you,


Dare I ask how much that entire ordeal costs? I spend $2 each way to my doctor :)

Ann, this is a great entry. Thanks for sharing your journey, it is nice to see a part of YOUR world "through YOUR eyes". Photo-rich entries such as this tend to be a personal favorite. Take care ...

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