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End the SIX

Regarding the blog I created the other day expressing my anger and frustration over the state of HIV care in the Lehigh Valley and Pennsylvania in general, I decided to take action because I cannot allow what is happening to continue. I have created a petition on to demand that SPBP and the Pennsylvania Department of Health to stop making the application process for HIV medications so difficult that people are going without medications for at least 6 days.

Why is this important?

  • Medication suppresses the HIV virus to undetectable levels which drastically reduces or eliminates HIV transmission (Google HIV Partner Study)
  • If people take medications intermittently, the virus can become immune to the effects to the drug, causing resistance leading to reduced options for treating the disease for everyone
  •  By the Pennsylvania Department of Health allowing these two things to occur, the transmission rate of drug resistant HIV increases

Please sign the petition, you will be helping everyone in our community, the petition can be found here:


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Comments on Daniel Angelis's blog entry "End the SIX"

Daniel, Can I contact you for more detailed information Re: Your experiences in dealing with PA SPBP? Ray.

Hi Ray,

Sure, you can contact me. I would like to hear about your experience with SPBP. Please email me at


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