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Designers Against AIDS: The First Decade

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The First Book from This Fabulous Organization

Ninette Murk and her talented team has been promoting AIDS awareness to young people throughout the world through music, fashion, design, arts, sports, film and celebrities since 2004.  Now they're proud to announce their first book! "...a celebration of pure beauty, idealism and lust for life....a photo of Marilyn Monroe that has never been published before and over 100 photographers give their vision of pure beauty."  The focus of the book is on prevention through pop culture and will benefit their Education Center, a division of DAA.  HIV prevention and treatment programs have been effected by the global recession, especially in the US such as ADAP.  What a great time to launch this inspiring book to celebrate life and motivate a new young generation of HIV/AIDS activists.  Just in time for World AIDS Day December 1, 2010 and of course holiday gift giving.  For more information and ordering of "Designers Against Aids: The First Decades" please visit

DAAFrankHorvat Malte, Mona1.jpg

DAAMarilyn Monroe1.jpg

1 Comment

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Comments on David Capogna's blog entry "Designers Against AIDS: The First Decade"

Thank you Dave! Just wanted to add that from next week (around November 18) the book will be available on and that The New York Times will report about it on World AIDS Day- great to keep the subject of HIV/AIDS in the media, as we should never forget.

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