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HIV Cure Report Hot Off the Press

Remember that report I promised you about a month ago--the one where we tell you about progress made by activists in our efforts to speed up cure research? Well it's hot off the press and ready to be put to good use. Click here to read it.

Obviously, the report is just a road map: without the gumption, automobile and gasoline we aren't going anywhere.

Gumption: There is a small, but growing number of science-savvy activists who have been haranguing the friendliest AIDS researchers to help us figure out where things are stuck, so we've definitely got the energy. when it comes time to shake things up a little bit--if the government or a pharmaceutical company doesn't behave properly for instance--I may be turning to you for help in writing letters or making phone calls and the like. We'll also want your feedback and as our agenda gets fleshed out we'll be asking you to help us prioritize things.

Vehicle: We're also working with the International AIDS Society and other leaders to get us the vehicle; the meetings, conferences and other avenues to pursue our goals. 

Gasoline: Now we've got to figure out how to get the gasoline, or in this case the cash, to get this whole enterprise moving down the road. Stay tuned, there will be more about that in future blog posts. It's likely to take some seriously lobbying to empty government, industry and private foundation purse strings. There are so many competing interests and our economy is still teetering. That said, as ACT UP's 25th anniversary on April 25 should remind us, we really can move mountains when we need to.


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Comments on David Evans's blog entry "HIV Cure Report Hot Off the Press"

CURE- The person or persons developing a cure will each be rewarded 75 million dollars.

Some of us are getting old and tired. Some of us have been fighting this fight for over 30 years now. It's time for the young to take up the cause and fight. Speaking for myself, I'm just about out of gas.

Thanks for reporting this to us. And thanks to all involved with passionately fighting to get this moving!..My sentiments mirror Greg H.'s..Getting weary...but live in gratitude for those that are not and are willing to put their efforts forward.

I do not think i will ever sop hoping. The devastation of this virus i think is best seen in Africa and im personally very grateful for the western world who have facilitated provision of generic ARVs to our infected populace. There is some serious research in Kenya at Kenya Aids Vaccine Initiative - you might won't to look them up at

It's almost like some of these research companies are stalling or not actually looking for the cure itself but just treatment. I feel that maybe these companies are treating this more like a business. The false hope and promises have have severely ruined confidence and trust.

I also feel as though I am not only out of gas but out of gumption. I am ashamed to say it being a long term survivor having been infected in the early 80's, taking a peer-educator course at Philadelphia Fight, Project Teach having the luck of Julie Davids as a teacher. Hep C positive with no hope for a cure in sight for me. Used to be extremely well educated, well read on everything but stopped when there was nothing new to read and learn . Only to see the drug companies want to get rich on us. Was told by my ID doc that I should have no hope of a liver transplant, not even an infected liver. Just no and no explanation. Guess society feels that an HIV/aids person is not worth saving. Maybe being rich might help, who knows? Maybe I am wrong and the cure is out of sight right around the corner for all of us and it is darkest right before the light. I just don't think I can think clearly anymore with all this brain fog, walk the walk with all this nerve damage from peripheral neuropathy. Maybe tomorrow I will feel differently. Right now I am feeling too sick and tired. Funny thing, my numbers do not reflect that! My numbers are great. Never felt the numbers meant much anyway. Some people are thriving with 2 t-cells and high VL's and others are sick dying or died with undetectable VL's and high t-cells. But the drug companies don't tell you that!

There is just too much fragmentation. The entire HIV-Cure-Vaccine approach needs far more synergy to become effective in the near or mid future.

This is one thing i find kind of odd? after so much talked about and so much looked over no body never really cares how second hand smoke or even smoking it self of how it impacts Hiv no one doesn't ever think of how old testing is still is? who knows? hiv can impact your lungs first? and don't show up at all as a lung problem, of just thinking of how many hiv positive people smoke? who knows? something strange like hiv as the saying is 'is like a snake in the grass, :-) much money will the companies lose when and if they say yeah..alright we won,t use our connections and resources to stop a funding for a cure.They are told it is a virus that must thin out the population.I totally believe this.One man was quoted as saying.Hmm..i see that our creation wasn,t working as fast as first thought!How many of us got HIV as a mystery?Not knowing when or how/whom?Well we will get there..the stall for the cure really could have been along time ago..How many of the super rich and elite have HIV?They must know something.

This is so great to see!

I've always thought that if we can get all the different local to national hiv/aids groups working together we'd be near unstoppable.

It's sad to say but it's all about the money and with the markets at their highest in years we need to be going after corporate donors, wealthy financers, governments, etc. Lobby for them to get bigger write offs for giving to charitys and causes. Do whatever we have to do.

It's time to finally cure HIV/AIDS :)

greetings, I have been HIV positive for about 25 years.
what I am interested in is, how do I find out about NEW AIDS drugs, and whats in the works, all my searches online have given me nothing.
Please help me get on the front line of aids meds. sincerely, tony pascual

I'm 35 from UK west London, been Hiv Poz for 3/4 now! They have a cure for Hiv, they need stop lying about it, they need tell the truth about it!

Dear All,

I am very much delighted and grateful of being able to access such educative info on HIV. It's very interesting and informative so as to say.

Thanks for your untiring service in the fight of this pandemic which also serves as a great public health concern.


Mohamed Bangura

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