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Adverbs: terribly fond of them.


Baritone: voice type.


Constitutional law: a minor obsession.


Dolphins: sometimes I want to be one.


Eight-years-old: what I've been told the age of my palate is, my favorite food being stuff like French sorry freedom fries, sandwiches, fizzy orange drinks, ice-cream.


Fall: my favorite time of year.


God: someone or something I don't believe in. I am a devout atheist.


Hirsute vs. glabrous: do I have to choose?


Insomnia: the perennial malady.


Jignesh: the other name beginning with "J" that my parents were considering. My gratitude to them for ultimately rejecting this monstrosity is incalculable.


Karate: took a full year of lessons, in fourth grade, from a ferocious sensei who made us all lie down and walked literally from belly to belly. I keep meaning to re-start the training, I just haven't got around to it yet.


Love: an experiment I've tried three times.  


Matheran: the "hill-station" village (resident population ~5,000) two hours outside Bombay, and the destination of many happy childhood holidays. No cars allowed: you walk or you ride a horse on the unpaved lanes of red soil.


Ned Nickerson: Nancy Drew's boyfriend, and my first serious crush on a fictional character.


Opinions: have too many of these. They quarrel with each other all the time. It's a bit exhausting maintaining them; I need to shed a few.


Polyurethane condoms: much preferred over the latex kind.


Queer: a term I resisted 20 years ago but now am very fond of. (Even if 90% of academic Queer Studies articles fill me with unfeigned dismay: sloppy thinking, atrocious writing.)


Romantic comedies: will see most, even the really bad ones. Each time I see a terrible RomCom I vow to myself that I'll never go to another one; but it's a tough addiction to beat.


Stubble: a natural consequence of disliking, and avoiding, daily shaving. I do, however, get rid of the stubble when commanded to by pretty women.


Top: who I am in, erm, you know which sphere of life. This is one of the few things I feel embarrassed to state publicly. I call it "Top Shame," though I've more-or-less come to terms with it. There will nevertheless be an agonized, and agonizing, blog entry on the subject.


Underwear: boxer briefs are seriously awesome. I was an instant convert, about the time they became popular, early 1990s.


Vegetarian: been one all my life. I tried eating some meat when I was younger, but couldn't get past the consistency. Vegetarian by upbringing, then, but now also one by choice: I feel lucky that, in this part of my life, my preferences of habit coincide with my moral preferences.


Willowy: a pretty nice way of saying I'm slim.


Xanadu: just like Sue Sylvester, I find it hard to resist Olivia Newton-John. Or Coleridge for that matter.


Yoga: something I find hard to do; I get bored. I'm more in the Frank Costanza "Serenity Now!" mold.


Zed: the way I pronounce the last letter of the alphabet.


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Comments on Jay Vithalani's blog entry "Alphabeticalist"

Enjoyed this as usual - and then misread the imperative above the box I'm typing in as "leave a compliment."

I wouldn't mind knowing what you shoe size you wear.

Shoe size: 9 1/2 (American).

Really wonderful entry. Definitely wanted to read more. Curse the English alphabet with its meager 26 letters.

Thank you; and you've just given me an excuse to write Alphabeticalist 2 in a few months...

Hey Jay V...we love your alphabet soup. Your prose is likable, satiable and titillating. Not sure though about Constitutional law and being an Atheist.
Americans love God and laws...hehehe...Sorry about the bad humor.
Actually, I'm a walking question mark on MY god of my heart. Or better yet I'm a practicing Rosicrucian probably one of the few in American you'll know. I hope you knew that many of the founding Fathers of America were Rosicrucian and all of them wrote the American Constitutional law.
Nurse Doug E.
So mote it be.

Ah, I see you're a blogster now. Welcome aboard. I look forward to hearing, erm, seeing more, mister!

Ditto Nickerson.

Jay Vithalani, so you are a Sindhi?
I like everything you write but more than that I like to look at your cute picture. You look very handsome.

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