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The Real Poz Guys of Atlanta III


Why Andy Cohen isn't badgering me with phone calls to bring this series to Bravo, I'll never know.



Several years ago, I invited four friends living with HIV over to my place for a night of devouring brownies and sharing secrets, while my friend Charles captured it on video. The result was "You Gotta Have Friends," the first episode of what would be renamed "The Real Poz Guys of Atlanta." The second episode was posted more than a year later (you can see a recap and both previous episodes hereAnd now, episode three.


These guys must be getting the hang of this, because we discussed and revealed things like never before. From crystal meth addiction to our mothers, nothing was off limits. There's even a (NSFW-ish) chat about tops and bottoms and modern gay sexual politics. And dealing with loss. And reaching out for help when you really need it.


The video series represents a lot of issues I feel passionately about - combating HIV stigma with honesty about our status, the crucial importance of social support, and living joyfully. That, and I love hearing my friends talk dirty for a good reason.


I think the series represents what My Fabulous Disease does best. And judging from the emails I receive, there's a real need for people with HIV, particularly the newly diagnosed, to know that life, and friendship, doesn't end with a positive test result.  I look forward to your comments! Thanks for watching, and please be well.




(The Poz Guys pictured above are (left to right) James, myself, Antron, Eric, and Craig. I'm the only one who isn't single; I know they would appreciate me mentioning that.)


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Comments on Mark S. King's blog entry "The Real Poz Guys of Atlanta III"

hi guys that is so nice. those days specially in Africa being positive it is like you are a bin. you better keep your status than saying it. if you do say it, you will die with stress coming from people, showing you fingers, gossip, even nurses in the clinic treating you like a thing. I think it is much better being positive and living in overseas.

I'm curious about what people think about the addiction conversation in the video, and the support of the guys for their friends in recovery. It's not a topic I address very often in my blog, but something that's a common and often tragic situation among gay men today.

Best wishes to you and your family. SAG cards for them all! Loved your holiday special. Keep up your energy and spirits for the new year. Appreciate all that you post.
Jonathan from Brisbane
(not for long- soon to be
in Palm Springs)

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