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The Drama of it all.......

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I guess it is time for another entry.One of the reasons I decided to blog was to use blogging as a sort of therapy. And I still feel that some where out there someone who can relate. I have a lot of pent up anger about so many things.


I think the last entry I wrote about moving to New York. So, I'll pick it up from there I suppose. I finally moved to the Big Apple on September 1st of last year. One of the things about this place that grabbed me is it's diversity. Everytime I step out the door I try to soak it all up but it's just impossible. It would be an instant overload.

 I am also learning that to live in New York, you have to have a whole lot of patience. I hate to say it but patience is not one of my strongsuits. Things move slow here as far as trying to handle personal business. What use to take say a week back home now takes almost a month to get done here. I am constantly reminding myself that I am not in control of all things.

 I am that type of person when I want some thing, I want it now. I don't like waiting in line at grocery stores. And speaking of grocery stores, they deliver. I almost fainted when I went to the grocery store the first time with my boyfriend. And I spotted diversity once again. I found it in the isles of the store. I now find myself experiencing different taste from Mexican to Thai. So now I like being in the grocery stores.

 Though the trains and subway stations may be filled with graffiti, I have fallen in love with them. I can get on a train to go just about anywhere. I haven't mastered them yet. I even got lost on them a few times. But even with being lost, I enjoyed the ride.

Speaking of rides, my boyfriend, (the one I moved to New York to be with)definitely took me on a ride. I won't go into details but he is now my ex. The drama so thick you could cut it with a knife. I left him to regain my sanity. I still plan on living in New York, picking up the pieces of my life and moving on.

I don't consider the break-up as being defeated. If anything it has made me stronger. It has showed me just how much I can take. It has made me a survivor.


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Comments on Michelle Kenney's blog entry "The Drama of it all......."

im glade it is going good for you it is a growing xperianc for you but !! I miss you

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