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More on Mail-Order Pharmacies

In the September 2013 issue of POZ, we spotlight the disconcerting trend of health insurance companies mandating the use of mail-order pharmacies for HIV meds.

Larry Kramer raised awareness by penning a POZ op-ed about his bad experiences with mail-order meds, which I followed up in a blog post about my own bad encounter.

Those two stories garnered such an outpouring of comments from readers that we wanted to explore the topic in-depth, which we've done. Click here to read our feature story.

With lawsuits still in the air, the issue is far from over. Case in point: I recently had yet another bad experience with my mail-order meds.

Because they didn't process my order correctly, it was canceled and they didn't tell me. I wouldn't have known unless I called to find out why my order was so delayed.

So, I encourage all of you who are experiencing mail-order troubles to read our feature story and share it to continue raising awareness.

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Comments on Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr.'s blog entry "More on Mail-Order Pharmacies"

I received an order where the package had been opened and obviously inspected, your left wondering if its safe, (no way to return it,) You have to wonder about the idea that if you end up off your meds because of issues like these will it endanger your health...

I have the same issues with United Health Care and having to use Optum RX. Mail order might be fine for some but just doesnt work for me. When I call the insurance company all they can tell me it that I have no choice. My final call last night finally pushed me over the edge and the call ended by me asking the lady if I need to get a lawyer and her telling me to do what ever I felt I needed to do. So today I start looking for a lawyer that will handle filing a class action lawsuit in Missouri like are being filed in other states.

My insurance uses Express Scripts for prescriptions, and I cannot tell you how many times they have almost let my medication lag. If I didn't manage them, I would be dead by now. Customer Support and the Pharmacy employees are useless. Refills are lost, never filled and no one is concerned. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice. With good insurance, my co-pay is $230 for one med (I need four) for 3 months. Unreal.

I work for an AID'S/HIV organization, health care facility. We use a mail order for a number of our client's. We have nothing but trouble, mistakes, med's not showing up, wrong meds.
We deal with the mail order place directly and they seem to try and impress us, catering luncheons and such to keep our business. It's a nightmare, especially when your dealing with a hundred client's or more. I did not reveal my organization or name of the mail order place because, I Do Not want to lose my job.

Yes, the mail order option (or mandate) is not good. I had Medco, which was bought by Express Scripts...then I went on Medicare. It became a disaster with delays, cancelled Rx's., mistakes in communicating between doctor and pharmacy, etc. I finally discovered that I could deal directly with the pharmacy which is located inside my clinic, just a door away from my doctor's office. Result: NO more problems!

Recently had to deal with this issue. OptumRX... was "switched" to them, the never sent my order, had to follow up and re-do EVERYTHING with them. Didn't have my Atripla during very crucial time, CD4 dropped from 480 to 240 during those five weeks. One more kick in the balls we have to deal with, eh?

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