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Crimes Against Humanity


TAC demoCheck out this must read article on the cover of today's New York Times. The mind numbing facts are in -- former South African President Thabo Mbeki basically murdered at least 365,000 of his own citizens, including 35,000 babies.

It all started with an Internet search, as Mbeki discovered and then became a believer in one of the deadliest conspiracy theories in modern times -- that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. 365,000 deaths and counting -- this is Mbeki's legacy. These murders are the end result of AIDS Denialism, and every denialist has blood on their hands.

If the U.N. can arrest and prosecute dozens of political leaders involved in far fewer deaths in the former Yugoslavia, like Slobodan Milošević, then they should also punish leaders that adopt racist theories (whites created antiretrovirals to poison blacks) and healthcare policies (refusing offers of donated treatment) that kill hundreds of thousands of their own citizens.

Mbeki should be charged with crimes against humanity. The denialists must begin to pay a price for their murderous ideology.

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Comments on Peter Staley's blog entry "Crimes Against Humanity"

Hi Peter,

If you would be kind enough to contact me, I would appreciate it a lot. I sent you and the other editors at Poz an email but have not heard back. I can be reached at

Thank you!

Hi Peter,
Unfortunatly the politics in South Africa is not as it is in the US or a high moral standard.
Politicians in South Africa can say the most stupid things and not be held accountable.Like Jacob Zuma who claimed to 'have a shower after unsafe sex, to prevent Hiv'- as quoted during an alleged rape trial.Or our pathetic EX-Health Minister who said that eating BEETROOT and GARLIC is a far better option than taking ARV's.(guess she thought she could save the country some money) and our Ex president Thabo Mbeki who fired the Deputy Health Minister for critisizing the Health ministers views on Hiv/aids. oh dear...well at least we now have a deputy president who fired the martian Health minister, and the government has taken a much more serious and realistic view of Hiv/aids. I wish Mandela could brush off some of his angel gold-dust onto our future politicians.

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