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My Predictions

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Polls start closing in one minute. Here are my predictions.

Unlike most of my friends, I've been serene about an Obama victory for about three weeks now. McCain lost this race on September 15th, when he said the economy's fundamentals were sound while the market crashed. His only chance of recovering after that was with one of the debates, and he lost all three of them. His biggest mistake was the Palin pick -- he excited his base, but completely lost the independents that had loved him eight years ago.

Obama will win big, by 6 points:

Obama 52%
McCain 46%
Others 2%

He'll also win a huge electoral college victory. I'm predicting at least 330 electoral votes for Obama, but I'll make a hopeful and aggressive guess of 378:

Electoral Map

Peter on:

1 Comment

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Comments on Peter Staley's blog entry "My Predictions"

I have to disagree with you as usual. Palin did not lose McCain the Independent vote,whatever that is. The Independent vote sticks its finger in the wind and does whatever is popular to do at that time. McCain really never had a chance,heck,he couldnt beat W, how was he gonna beat Obama? The republicans had better candidates who might have beat Obama,both Romney and Rudy were the best candidates for President in either party,but the Religious Right gave them a thumbs down and with McCain,another Dole,Ford,George 1 and 2 clone, a liberal country club eastern republican,all but guaranteed any Democrat a victory. McCain has done everything in his power to destroy the Rebublican party during his career,how could he win? These Republicans have no fiscal responsibilty and believe the good government can do far outweighs the human misery and corruption that comes along with it.
For the first time in my life we have a President who we have no idea what he is going to do. NONE. He flip flopped on just about every important issue during the campaign and the US media,doing its best impression of Pravda,never questioned him on anything.

It is now apparent from his Cabinet choices that the Clintons still have huge influence. The choice of Emanuel is especially troubling given his role as a BOD member of Freddie while Dems were looting it for political and personal wealth before they started the same con at FAnnie.
while both parties are responsible for the present financial disaster,the republicans for not stopping the Democrats socialist housing scheme called the Fair Housing Act and the looting of Fannie and Freddie by Dems. The Reps controlled both houses of Congress and the Executive office,yet they were held off by calls of racism by Barney,Maxine,and the US media for not wanting people who could not afford certain mortgages to be saddled with them. The Dems called the regulator a racist for questioning their derivative book,which Buffet and Munger called a black hole and nuclear financial time bomb in 2000! They are Dems but also racist by present standards.
The USA economy is in ruin,billions of wealth has been destroyed,and the people who caused it to happen are still in office,we are paying their salaries and every increasing pensions,as our IRAs have been decimated.
The Fannie,Freddie,Fair Housing Act Scandals are not being covered by our media,so we are sure to experience them again.
I am happy McCain did not win. Never trusted the guy since he was involved in Keating (the only Rep),and we did need Change. As a conservative I can only hope Obama tries radical changes because that is the only way Conservatives can return to office. McCain was not a conservative,as Bush wasnt a Conservative. Obamas only work experience appears to be handing out smokes for votes as a community organizer in Chicago,and though he appears more mendacious than the Clintons, at this point I trust him more than I do any member of Congress from either party.

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