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Please Show Up

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Stonewall 2.0 (the post-Prop 8 movement) continues this Saturday night with candlelight vigils at commercial centers in various cities around the country (find your local demo here).

I feel like a putz, but I'll be out of town this weekend, so I'll miss NYC's vigil. It's actually a march, starting outside Macy's at Herald Square at 6pm, and ending with a 7pm rally in Times Square (kudos to the planners for picking this very smart, high-profile route).

Here's a teaser...

Peter on:

1 Comment

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Comments on Peter Staley's blog entry "Please Show Up"

Peter,what do you think Obama is up to with the Rich Warren thing? Is he going after the religious right? Is he throwing gays under the bus? Why would he do this? It is Change in a different way. A Democrat pandering to the religious right. As a fiscal conservative and Catholic I hope he wins them over. I would vote for a Muslim or an atheist if they were fiscally responsible and why would any sane person care if gays marry?

A couple of months ago I was scared to death of this guy and my brother reminded me,Obama is a politician, a Chicago politician,the moment he wins he will start campaigning for 2012,which means he will do very little of what he is promising to do. Looks like my brother was right.

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