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April 2009 Archives

Having Some Fun With Rupert

| 1 Comment
This happened almost two weeks ago, but I'm having blogger's block, so this will have to do.  Does having my pic on The Daily Beast's home page mean I've arrived?  Judging from the comments left, I'd say no.  [Is there an emoticon for "tongue in cheek"?]

But it was good for a laugh.  Stirring the gay marriage pot with Rupert Everett was kind of fun.  Read all about it here.

Is AIDS This Boring?

"Obama Administration Announces New Campaign to Refocus National Attention on the HIV Crisis in the United States."

That's the headline from yesterday's CDC press release announcing a five year, $45 million HIV prevention campaign called Act Against AIDS.  Phase one of the campaign, called "9 ½ Minutes," uses a series of video, audio, print and online materials to "increase knowledge about the severity of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the United States."

Thank god they're planning additional phases, because the videos bored me to death.  Phase II sounds much more promising, and will focus on African-Americans, including "targeted communications to encourage increased HIV testing among the two groups of African-Americans most severely affected, gay or bisexual men and women."  Let's hope they spend most of their budget on this next phase.

See if you agree with me.  Here's one of the two English-language videos released yesterday that almost put me to sleep:

Every Nine. Flash Player 9 is required.

I'm of the belief that prevention campaigns only work if they invoke an emotional response in your target audience.

Let's compare and contrast.  Have you seen the new anti-smoking TV ad from New York City's Health Department?  I'd bet good money the ad below will convince some parents to try to quit smoking cigarettes:

What would a good national HIV prevention campaign look like?  Should we even try broad-based campaigns, or focus on smaller, targeted audiences?  I'd be interested in what readers of this blog think.  Comment below.

The Pope's AIDS Spokesman

A must watch (hat tip Andrew Sullivan), especially for the "vagina full of AIDS"...


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