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The Cure Baby, The Berlin Patient, And A Cure For The Rest Of Us

I did a radio interview with the CBC last week, Canada's public radio station, discussing the news about the "cured" baby with HIV. They also interviewed Timothy Brown, the so-called "Berlin Patient," and the first and only adult that's been cured. How will these "cures" affect those of us that have been living with HIV for months or years? When will we see a cure? My answers to these and other questions start at the 5:50 mark, but listen to Tim's interview first.

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Comments on Peter Staley's blog entry "The Cure Baby, The Berlin Patient, And A Cure For The Rest Of Us"

Hello Peter,

Thank you for sharing this. I've had the privilege of meeting Tim in S.F. last year. Keep up your great energy and enthusiasm for activism for the many who aren't able. You deserve a vacation. Maybe join some of us on the poz cruise in November. Read about it on Mark S. King's March blog. Have an easy winter.
Jonathan in SF

Saw HTSAP this week from Netfix and instantly became a huge fan...and now sharing it with my friends. I'm now ecstatic to find your current articles, etc. Thank you so much.
Best regards,

Hello Peter
Great interview!
I am working on a doc for the CBC and would love to chat with you about what I am focusing on, and how you might be able to help me and perhaps be a voice in our film
thanks for your time
john mcmullan

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