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Why AIDS Can't Lose in the Super Bowl

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Normally, I don't encourage inter-AIDS-agency brawls and bets but this one is awesome because either way, people living with HIV win.

Check out the wager between AIDS Action Committee's president and CEO Rebecca Haag and Gay Men's Health Crisis' CEO Marjorie Hill.

Haag's rooting for the Patriots. Hill's pulling for the Giants.


Photo: courtesy AIDS Action Committee

This Jersey girl has gotta go Giants...

But if I had to put my money on Hill vs. Haag, I wouldn't know where to place my bets. Both are tough, both are scrappy, both like to win, both often do...

Thanks girls for wagering $1,000 each to help people with HIV and to use the Super Bowl to raise AIDS awareness...

Now, if we can only get Madonna to sing "Like A Virgin" at halftime and ad-lib a line about AIDS!

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