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Labtest Contest VI: Labby New Year!


labtestcontest-logo.jpgHappy New Year!

What better way to splash back into blogging in the new year than with a Labtest Contest?  If you're new here, the rules are below.  The concept is simple, every 4-6 months I have to get blood drawn to see how my immune system is doing.  Instead of keeping that fun to myself, I open it up to the public and offer a prize to whoever guesses the closest. The price this time?

Let me tell ya via video!

Here's the Roll Call of Champions and last 5 t-cell counts:

CURRENT CHAMPION: Justin Starkenburg (guess: 570 actual count: 579)

Previous Champions...
March-July 2010: Charles Oliff (guess: 567 actual count: 565)
July-December 2010: Aimee Lee (guess: 516 actual: 511)
December 2010- March 2011: "Satan" (guess: 666 actual: 662)
March-July 2011:
Sharon Paul (guess:
520 actual: 508)

Official Rules
1. You have to post your guess (between 400 and 700 t-cells) on my Poz blog Comments section
2. Relatives are disqualified (only because that makes this seem official)
3. Closest guess wins- no Price is Right logic applies.
4. One vote/guess per person.
5. Deadline is Tuesday, January 10, THURSDAY, JANUARY 12 2012 at 11:59 EST.

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Comments on Shawn Decker's blog entry "Labtest Contest VI: Labby New Year!"

I'm going to go all out and guess 700 because I really want you to have a great result

595. I used a complex mathematical formula that is bound to fail. :)



I'm going to go with 555 because it's palidromic and less evil looking.

My guess is 642


My guess is 543...the holidays can be a bitch on the system

565 its just the average of all of them lol - Hope it is MUCH higher :)

ack! almost forgot to post a guess - I'm guessing 620 this time.

Almost forgot to guess! I'm guessing 620 this time. Best wishes!

I'm going with 605, to go with the upward trend of the last few results, but not to exceed the highest recent count since the stress and weather tend to lower defenses this time of year.

Someone snagged my traditional guess of 620, so I'm going to Bob Barker their ass!!!! 621!!!

510 - though I hope I am way low.

I guess 550

I'm going with my steadfast 617! :D and, as always, I hope the number is good for you.

Based on last year's results at this time of year, I'll say 549... but I hope the actual number is much higher Shawn.

I'm going to go with 525.

my guess would be 550 t-cell count

611, 'cause uever forget...

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