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Video Tip of the Day: Check Your Meds

When Gwenn and I went to pick up my HIV medications, I made a video update in the car that was intended to be a joke of sorts about how long it can take to pick up meds. Then when we got home, and I made another video about what we discovered about my medication that wasn't so funny. Check out the videos, particularly the second one below. If you don't like Vlogs- then here's a spoiler: one of my drugs was in the wrong pill bottle. That's why it's very important for anyone who takes medication to know what their pills look like, and what they are called.

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Comments on Shawn Decker's blog entry "Video Tip of the Day: Check Your Meds"

Thank goodness you and Gwenn are on the ball. There would be many others that would trust and have faith that the pharmacy does the right thing all the time. Let's hope that your pharmacy investigates why this happened so they can implement better controls and processes so it does not happen again. Otherwise, next time it might happen to someone less vigilant than you and Gwenn.
Good that you also get this message out there by any means that you can.

WTF is Progesterone? Thanks for the heads up Shawn!

Shawn, I hope you'll let us know if and when you hear from the pharmacy and what they say. This is about as serious a mistake as a pharmacy can make; someone should be held responsible and their quality control procedures should be carefully reviewed. I would guess that most of the time this happens, it isn't with a patient as well-informed as you are and is never noticed. Just some person taking the wrong pills and wondering why they don't work.

this happened to me before; I got home and had another guys meds with his name and address even. i complained through the pharmacys internal process sending letters to corporate...i wanted them to know i didnt like that i was given someone elses meds (breach of hippa) and that someone else probably got mine. i got some calls and a letter in the mail.

WTH???? Thanxs dude. I never have paid attention

In Guatemala, we receive our meds inside the original medication bottle. That's what the social security system does here. It's a very good advantage. And those bottles, even if they are not original-brand meds, are always sealed and closed.

I'm in California and my meds are also always in the original bottles -- BUT -- what has happened to me twice last year was incorrect pill amounts in the bottles. 29 in one case and 32 in another. I always count my pills out into a daily dose container, tha's how I caught the errors.

In NZ we get them in the box / bottle they came in. It's a great system here. Every three months my meds are sent by courier to my home.

Yes i always check my meds. The first time i noticed a problem, the pharmacy would normally give me the entire bottle from the manufacturer and simply afix the pharmacy label. This particular time the put the pills in one of those you know amber bottles and i noticed looking through the plastic saying to myself this cant be 30 pills(months supply). I counted and sure enough there was only 12!!! Pills in the bottle. They didntvsay a word oh we are short and we will get you the rest when they come in etc they were prepared to just let me walk out short! It happened several times since then. So i ALWAYS AND ADVISE ANYONE to count and check your pills to see if they are the correct pills.

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