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VLOG: Have You Been Tested?

Our latest vlog is about HIV testing... check it out!

Last week's vlog was about the difference between HIV and AIDS. You might know the difference, but a lot of folks don't. So we figured we'd explain it.


Hope everyone is doing well!

Positively Yours,

Shawn on:


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Comments on Shawn Decker's blog entry "VLOG: Have You Been Tested?"

Shawn, really love your posts.

Would you be willing to elaborate on your treatment regime of 1 week on, 1 week off. Have you ever changed meds in the 10+ years that you have done this? Which meds are you on? Was the half life of your meds a consideration in choosing which would work for this treatment protocol?

I would greatly appreciate knowing more about this.

thank you

Thank you, Sue. I'd love to talk about my treatment regimen in an upcoming video, and will most certainly do so! Always looking for topics, thanks for suggesting this. Currently I am on Complera, and am doing one week on/one week off with it. We should have a video on this ready to go in March.

Hi Shawn,

I am so glad that you are going to do a video on this. Of course, the doctors don't recommend deviating from the drug companies recommendations (I know all based on clinical trials, but where are the trials on variations like the one that you are doing?) We all know that long-term use of ARVs come with long-term side effects. After 14 years on meds and with an extremely high CD4 count, I am ready to experiment on myself.

When you do the video, could you answer the following questions:

1. Can this be done with all anti-retrovirals and if not, what are the considerations for drug choices

2. Have you been on the same drug combination since you have been doing this regimen and if not, what were the reasons for changing your meds?

3. Was there any change in your CD4 count and viral load from when you were on full-time ARVs to when you switched to one week on, one week off? And changes in other tests like liver and kidney functions?

4. What do your doctors say about your regimen?

Thank you so much for answering my questions in your upcoming video. You can also respond here:)


Hey Sue- I hear ya. I'll send you an email, because it could be a while before we get that vid up. :)

Shawn and Gwenn, your videos are super cool, as usual. Thanks!!

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Since 2000, Shawn and Gwenn have been speaking about sexual health together, sharing their personal story and empowering others to be safe. If you are interested in having them speak at your event, fill out the Contact Us form.

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