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Congrats to Wanda- The New T-Cell Champ!

oscar-wanda-tcell-champ.jpgWith a guess of 591, and my actual t-cell count coming in at 590, we have a new t-cell champion in Wanda Vawser! (That's her lovely dog, Oscar, joining in the celebration and helping to let Wanda know about the good news.)

Thanks to everyone who participated.  My hat's off to the new champion.  Wanda, you've been such a kind supporter of the HIV/AIDS work I do.  It's my absolute pleasure to be sending the signed copy of Body Counts your way!

Positively Yours,

Shawn on:


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Comments on Shawn Decker's blog entry "Congrats to Wanda- The New T-Cell Champ!"

I demand a retest!

Congrats to Wanda…AND to you Shawn! Those are good numbers…on a mono therapy to boot! Take Care, KB

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