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Labtest Contest X: Win Body Counts By Sean Strub


labtestcontest-logo.jpgThe Labtest Contest is back! And the grand prize has never been better- guess closest to my t-cell count and win a signed copy of Sean Strub's incredible new book, Body Counts! The rules are posted below... be sure to follow them and good luck!

But before we get to the rules, I need to inform you of a slight change. For the first time ever, I will be competing in the contest. The prize is just that good. Sure, I already have my own copy of Body Counts, which I adore, but it isn't signed.  Think of it as an extra challenge, or an AIDS-y version of Win Ben Stein's Money...
labteststrubtest.jpgThe competition will undoubtedly be stiff. And I'm not guaranteed a win by any means. In fact, my own doctor, Greg, is venturing a guess for the first time, too.  To make sure my guess and my doctor's are seen, I'm going to dramatically increase the font size.

Shawn's Guess: 422
Shawn's Doctor's Guess: 670

(I went with a lowball guess to balance out my doctor's high one. Been feeling great and haven't been sick in a while.)

Previous Champions...
March-July 2010: Charles Oliff (guess: 567 actual count: 565)
July-December 2010: Aimee Lee (guess: 516 actual: 511)
December 2010- March 2011: "Satan" (guess: 666 actual: 662)
March-July 2011:
Sharon Paul (guess:
520 actual: 508)
August-January 2012:
Justin Starkenburg (guess: 570 actual count: 579)
February- June: Bob Geise (guess: 595 actual count: 590)
Sahara Frog (guess: 515 actual count: 512)
September-January 2014: Scott Anderson (guess: 620 actual count: 620)
February-October: Mary (guess: actual count:585 actual count: 583)
NOVEMBER RESULTS: 538 (No Contest)

Official Rules
1. You have to post your guess (between 400 and 700 t-cells) on my Poz blog Comments section
2. Relatives are allowed to guess! Bribes accepted!
3. Closest guess wins- if it's a tie, the closest guess that DID NOT go over the actual count wins.
4. One vote/guess per person. Must have a valid email address.
Deadline is Friday, February 28, 2014 12:01 am EST

Shawn on:


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Comments on Shawn Decker's blog entry "Labtest Contest X: Win Body Counts By Sean Strub"

Shawn, you're shooting low. Have you been sick? I'm going to go with 515. Remember, a count that is plus or minus 200 "points" is considered a stable T-cell count! :)

My guess is 502. Hope you're doing well, Shawn. :)

I'm feeling great! My doctor's guess seemed high to me, so I went with a lowball guess. There's a meaning behind my guess with the numbers, so if I "win" it will be a cool thing despite a little dip in t-cells. I should edit my entry though to let folks know I'm feeling good- thanks for asking!

565. I used a completely unscientific method to arrive at that number.

561. (I was tempted to go with 423, what an ass!)

579. Sounds like a nice round number. :)

Hi Shawn, 573 but I hope higher! Best, KB

Keep rocking, rock star!

My guess this time... 552!

Phone died on me when I tried to post yesterday - guess it didn't go through.
I'm going with my standard 567!!

My guess is 521!


My guess, because I am certainly an optimist, is 621.

Hey Shawn:

Hope you are well. I'm guessing CD4 at 628. Sending positive thoughts your way. Hi to Gwenn.


601. Crossing my fingers that my guess is close because it's a good count and I really want to read this book.

I'm going to guess 637... and I hope your doctor wins, Shawn!

the number isn't important so long as your feeling ok
my guess is 555

I'm going for 591 but I'm hoping it's closer to your doctors guess :)

I'm guessing 599!
Just got mine back at 415 but I've been sick, long winter! Whatever it is, happy to hear your doing well!

True to form, I'm going to be the eternal optimist and guess 700!


I am going to go with 605, but I hope it is higher!

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