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Spread Some Birthday Cheer

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By Jennifer Morton (Managing Editor, POZ)

I love birthdays. I know many people like to downplay the fact they are another year older, but not me. I love to celebrate my own birthday and the birthdays of my family and friends. I think everyone deserves a little something special on his or her birthday.

bakesale.jpgThis May, God's Love We Deliver (GLWD)--a New York City-based organization that prepares and delivers meals to people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses--is having its 27th birthday. To celebrate, it has launched the God's Love Birthday Bake Sale. For more than 20 years, Chuck "The Baker" Piekarski has baked a personalized birthday cake for every God's Love client in its home-delivered meal program. GLWD delivers more than 2,000 birthday cakes each year.

God's Love Birthday Bake Sale allows individuals to sponsor a birthday cake for $10 each. For many clients, this is the only present they will receive on their birthday.

So please join me in supporting the work of God's Love We Deliver and help spread some birthday cheer. The Birthday Bake Sale runs through May 1.

Visit for more info.

Here's a video about the campaign:

Editor's Note: The birthday bake sale was such a success that GLWD is extending it so people can sponsor birthday cakes all year long!

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