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HBO Trailer for The Normal Heart

The film adaptation of The Normal Heart is set to air May 25 on HBO. Written by Larry Kramer and set in New York City at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, the play originally debuted off-Broadway in 1985. The Broadway production won Best Revival of a Play at the 2011 Tony Awards. The HBO cast includes Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Taylor Kitsch and Joe Montello. Kramer wrote the screenplay and Ryan Murphy directed.

Watch a short trailer:


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Comments on The POZ Staff's blog entry "HBO Trailer for The Normal Heart"

Hello, im glad they are showing or doing movies of the struggle with hiv epimedic, but i would prefer seeing the postive side of it now instead of dragging on about the past, new generation now dont want t want to see the past

Things have changed in the world oh HIV we are managing this disease and living with it, not dying from it.....

Looking fwd 2 c'ing this - work in an infectious disease clinic. Always looking to add to my presentation, "Wrap That Rascal!"

Ruben, I have to disagree with you. Young people NEED to see this movie. Many of them are ignorant of their own history as well as how HIV is transmitted. I recently had someone in their mid twenties ask if jerking off together was safe. Many of our youth were obviously asleep or skipped out on all the safe sex messages in class and in the media.

It has become manageable for most people living with it. But young & old need to keep in mind there are STILL many people passing from it too . Not everyone has access to care & treatment as they should. I agree young people need to see this movie. Too much misinformation is still floating around. Reality check, presently rates are still increasing despite the past.

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