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Another new version of iStayHealthy. This time for Android.
Since its last release (3.0.5) a whole new set of drugs have been licensed. I also thought it might be a good idea to include drugs against HepC, e.g. Daklinza 

Therefore the headings has been changed to 'Antiviral' rather than HIV.
It was also necessary to introduce 2 new categories in the med listings: Boosters and Other Inhibitors.

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.

iStayHealthy and iCloud

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In August I upgraded iStayHealthy for iPhone/iPad. There has been one really annoying problem - i.e. users were no longer able to see their data. This is down to changes made to iCloud. In particular when upgrading the device to iOS8 (which now has iCloud Drive).

In many of the support emails I sent out I recommended that users turn off the iCloud settings for the app. 

It only takes 3 simple steps to do that:
  • - open the 'Settings' app on your Home Screen
  • - select 'iCloud' and then 'Documents & Data' (iOS7) - or 'iCloud Drive' (iOS8)
  • - turn the switch for iStayHealthy to 'Off'
Then restart the app

In future versions of the app, I will disable iCloud settings.

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.
I released another small maintenance release of the iPhone app iStayHealthy today. This is to fix a couple of problems reported by users:
  • Only one 'start medication' line is shown in the 'Charts' view in cases where users have several drugs starting on the same day/date
  • Modifying an existing alert no longer duplicates the entry after saving.

Many of you might be aware of the latest version of iOS - iOS8 - being just around the corner. It comes with an exciting array of new features - not least a new tool called 'HealthKit'. 

HealthKit is a toolkit allowing users to manage a whole range of medical data across their mobile devices (and Mac's). I am currently looking into how iStayHealthy may support this.

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.
Following my recent release of iStayHealthy for iOS, version 4.0.0 I fixed a few bugs reported by users and added some feature which I hope will help saving and restoring data.

What's new:
  • when the alert fires, the alarm badge didn't disappear even after exiting the app. This is fixed.
  • Saved liver values turned up in 'Other' results rather than 'liver'. Fixed
  • There was a problem with importing iStayHealthy data (e.g. via email attachments). Fixed
  • A toolbar button ('cog' symbol - see screenshot below) has been introduced to allow local backup and restore. This may be useful when users want to switch between iCloud option enabled and disabled. Example: your iCloud option is set to 'Off', but you want to reenable it. The data can be transferred in 3 steps:
    • tap the 'cog' symbol and select 'Save locally' 
    • go to Settings app on the Home screen and select: iCloud->Documents & Data. In there change the settings for iStayHealthy
    • restart iStayHealthy, and in the local save/restore option ('cog' button) do a 'Restore locally'
  • The Dropbox backup/restore option has the official Dropbox icon in the toolbar

Users with password enabled need to reset it when the upgrade to 4.0.1

NOTE for users upgrading from iStayHealthy 3.x
If you have problems seeing your data try the following

  1. Exit iStayHealthy and open the 'Settings' app on your home screen
  2. Select the 'iCloud' option. If you have an account, then scroll down and select 'Documents & Data'
  3. In 'Documents & Data' - if 'On', try to set the switch for iStayHealthy to 'Off'
  4. Exit Settings and restart iStayHealthy

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.
iStayHealthy version 4 is now available on iTunes. The new version has
  • a new layout and design
  • a new feature: medication diary. This is particularly useful for people who start treatment and want to monitor how well they keep up with their medication regime. You can create a diary for between 1-3 months. Each day you can tick off whether you have taken your meds or not.
  • a revised and more complete list of antiviral meds, including HepC


NOTE for users with iCloud accounts:
Some users have reported issues with accessing their data after upgrade. 
The way this can be solved is to change the iCloud settings for iStayHealthy in your 'Settings' app.
This is how you can do this
  • Exit the app
  • Go to 'Settings' app on your Home Screen and select the 'iCloud' option.
  • If you have an iCloud account you will see a list. Scroll down and select 'Documents & Data'
If 'Documents & Data' is set to 'On' you will be able to see and change the settings for 'iStayHealthy'.
Try doing that and restart the app.

Alternatively, you can contact me directly from within the app by pressing the feedback button in the toolbar. You will receive an automated response with detailed suggestions. 
The response will also include a generated key in case you forgot your password.

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.
Just a quick update for iPhone/iPad/iPod users of the app. 
The app will occasionally take a while to load the data. Depending on the device this may take a couple of minutes. During this time your data will appear to be empty.

Normally, the app shows a little indicator while this is happening. I had it reported that on some devices this indicator isn't displayed. This issue will be fixed for the next version.
In the meantime, I suggest to wait for a couple of minutes or so until the data show up.

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.



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