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Just a quick update for iPhone/iPad/iPod users of the app. 
The app will occasionally take a while to load the data. Depending on the device this may take a couple of minutes. During this time your data will appear to be empty.

Normally, the app shows a little indicator while this is happening. I had it reported that on some devices this indicator isn't displayed. This issue will be fixed for the next version.
In the meantime, I suggest to wait for a couple of minutes or so until the data show up.

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.
It's been a busy month for iStayHealthy. After the release of a new Android version I uploaded a new one for the iPhone, too. Version 3.2.4 brings the following improvements
  • import data from email attachments (of iStayHealthy.isth files). This will be needed for integrating the app with clinical services in the UK
  • side effects menu has been made a bit simpler (I hope)
  • web links to HIV info/web sites are being provided
  • login details recovery

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.
There is a new version of iStayHealthy/Android available on Google Play. The new version was uploaded on 29 May. It addresses the following issues:
  • in the Charts: Systole was renamed in Blood Pressure (the systole is the upper value).
  • A bug fix when trying to add missed meds/side effects while no meds are stored.
  • A bug fix regarding uploading iStayHealthy backup files to Dropbox
  • In the results menu: by default, the 'undetectable' button is OFF and the textfield is empty. If none of the two controls change, it is assumed that no value is available, and it will display n/a in the results list. This affects HIV and HepC viral loads.
  • Side effects: when entering a new side effect, you can now enter your own description rather than choosing from a list (the list can still be used). Also, a med info button is provided
  • Bug fix regarding the version ID not being displayed correctly.

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.
Hi all,
yep - a couple of users experienced some problems with the new version of iStayHealthy for Android. I just posted a maintenance release v3.0.1 that should fix them:

* PreviousMedication - when you tried to edit an entry the app would exit (now fixed)
* orientation changes: this was weird. But some users had the app exit when they switched between landscape and portrait modes. In any case: for phones the orientation is now fixed to portrait - but tablets should be able to switch
* a couple of minor bug fixes/improvements

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.
I published a new version of iStayHealthy for Android - version 3.0.0 - yesterday 13 May.
It took a bit to get to that point, as there were a number of features I reworked/changed:
  • the User Interface changed to give it a bit of a more modern look
  • the chart menu now allows users to view results other than just CD4 / Viral Load. In particular I added cholesterol, blood sugar, weight, systolic blood pressure which are often also provided together with the relevant HIV data
  • the app configuration was upgraded to make sure the new version runs on both tablets and phones (previously, tablet users couldn't upgrade to the latest version)
  • when adding an alert you can now tick a checkbox that forces you to confirm if you have taken your meds
  • and some other changes
By far most users are now on version 2.x of iStayHealthy so the upgrade should go ok. However, if you are still on version 1.x - it might be best to reinstall as too many features changed since then.

Below is a screenshot of the new chart menu and UI look and feel of iStayHealthy/Android:

Click here to download the iStayHealth app.
I have been talking on Twitter, Facebook and other media about the new Android version of iStayHealthy. It's taken me longer than I first thought. But then there will be a number of changes to the app - foremost a different look and feel.

I want users to look at charts for more than just CD4/Viral loads. So I am adding a scrollable viewer to be able to browse all charts, e.g. weight, cholesterol - but of course also CD4/VL.
The results part of the app will also change: you'd be able to select the type of results you want listed. You will also be able to add more (weight, cardiac risk...)

To give you a glimpse of what it is likely to look like, here are a screenshot for the new charts layout. Hope you'll like it. Beware, this is still work in progress - I plan to release the new version towards end of April


Click here to download the iStayHealth app.



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