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HIV Outing of Gay Porn Star

MasonWyler.jpgMason Wyler, a gay porn star, recently revealed on his blog that he is HIV positive. That fact alone is enough to elicit my sympathy, but it's the circumstances of his disclosure that disturb me the most.

For the uninitiated (and I have to confess, I was until I was told about his disclosure), Wyler is a sexy 20-something self-described "gay sex addict" (site NSFW, in other words "not suitable for work"--which usually means it's sexually graphic) working in the porn industry since 2005.

By all outward appearances, he seems to be successful at his chosen profession. The pay porn site (site NSFW) is dedicated to his work and (site NSFW) is his personal blog.

Here's an excerpt of his blog post on August 19:

"I spent the last few months waiting for the right time to tell you but it turns out that there is no right time...people have already begun to talk so I might as well just tell you now. I tested positive. I have only myself to blame. I have HIV and it kind of sucks."
Wyler felt obliged to write another post on August 20:

"Since testing positive in May, I have hooked up with a total of three people and they were all HIV positive themselves. Seriously. I have not gone around fucking, barebacking, or infecting HIV negative people. I am a sex fiend. I am NOT a monster. So to the people who are spreading rumors that I have done otherwise, STOP."
It wasn't obvious to me exactly what Wyler was referring to about rumors, but then I ran across this post at the LGBT blog Queerty and it explained quite a bit.

According to Queerty, Wyler's self disclosure of his HIV-positive status came only after several preceding events, including speculation as to why he had decided in July to switch to masturbation-only work, followed by a former roommate (also a porn star) alleging on a blog and tweeting that Wyler was "spreading disease," followed by a post on August 19 on the gay porn blog (site NSFW) outing Wyler as HIV positive.

It appears it was the outing that pushed Wyler to self disclose. The gist of the post is Wyler allegedly was behaving irresponsibly as a person living with HIV, so the site was taking matters into its own hands to stop him from harming others. As evidence, the post cites an alleged profile of Wyler on the gay personals site Adam4Adam that lists his HIV status as negative.

Two prominent gay porn blogs, and, reacted negatively to the outing of Wyler's HIV-positive status. (site NSFW) posted this:

"In short, there is no moral or journalistic value in reporting on anyone's private, personal health issues unless they choose to come forward, which Mason has today ... Why [] chose to reveal Mason's status today is beyond all logical reasoning." (site NSFW) posted this:

"What's left us scratching our heads though is the reason [] gave for choosing to disclose Wyler's HIV status in the first place: because Wyler didn't 'back away from his previous 'lifestyle'... and other necessary things'? Like changing the status on his Adam4Adam profile? Sounds pretty moralistic and judgmental."

There are other details to this story that I am choosing not to explore. Those details (allegations of barebacking on and off camera, allegations as to Wyler's credibility because in 2008 he said he was raped, etc.) are beside the point I care about most.

Many blogs and bloggers, LGBT and otherwise, have been gaining credibility as not only sources for opinion but as sources for news. When things like this occur, it's a reminder that many other blogs and bloggers, LGBT and otherwise, still have a long way to go.

Credible news outlets have journalistic standards. On this story, didn't pass the test. Wyler's HIV status was his to reveal publicly, or not. It was not up to to decide Wyler should come out publicly as HIV positive, no matter what good they thought would come from it.

UPDATE: Click here to read Wyler's interview with about the reactions to his HIV disclosure.

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Comments on Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr.'s blog entry "HIV Outing of Gay Porn Star"

I agree completely with TheSword and Queerclick. Disclosure in private, absolutely! Disclosure in public, certainly should be left to the individual

this is my comment at Advocate:

it's always pathetic to watch the gay "community" behave like crabs in a bucket. "Porter Wescott" is an accursed man who deserves to be criminally prosecuted. if he ever had specific evidence that "Wyler Mason" (all these stupid porn names) was violating HIV-disclosure laws with actual (not potential) sex partners, he should have gone to the police, the FBI and his State health dept...his wretched twitter on the matter suggests that "Porter Wescott" is passive-aggressive scum who betrayed a personal trust for no good reason. He really should pay for his crime, as should i myself have my status disclosed in big bold letters in my online profiles, and i tell all and sundry my status for the hell of it. i also tell HIV+ friends that have online profiles describing themselves as HIV- that they open themselves up to just this sort of calumny. of course, such idiotic stigma does not encourage that honesty, it pushes many to hide themselves and creates more health risk.

It's surprising that people in the LGBT society don't get it. There are so many people in sights these days that know their status but never change it and don't tell. It's not easy to have the stigma of being positive and meeting people.
I have never saw Wyler in a gay porn movie as of yet and I have to admit I used to be a porn fanatic. But I applaud Wyler for disclosing his status even though it was sort of forced on him to do with all the gossip. To all the gossip queens out there, you all just need to leave it alone.
Go read a book or do something constructive besides trying to ruin someone's life.
I have been positive since 2002 and in every posting that I remember have posted I make sure I check that box, knowing that it's probably going to scare away a possible good friend I could have made.

"taking matters into its own switch to masturbation..." careful a low flying metaphors... FM

Gay men are the group most affected by HIV in the UK. To all of us who are positive stay strong and don't let anyone put you down, life is not a rehearsal it is here and now so live the best way you can. Check out, the largest and most trusted dating site for HIV singles and friends.

An adam4adam listing that says "Negative" means nothing. I'm positive and list myself as negative, but I don't hook up with guys from the site. I just flirt and do phone sex with them, and I find if I list as negative, I get a lot more hits. So don't assume that because someone has an adam4adam profile, that they're using it to hook up.

I have thoughts about this story for several days now, and it only serves to elevate my strong feelings!

Just to set the stage, I have been HIV+ for about 5 years. I am an exclusive top who regularly tested every 9-12 months. During my "window" when I was obviously infected, I practiced safe sex well over 90% of the time (yes, I should have been 100%! My bad!) and I asked all my partners their status before meeting them or playing. All claimed to be negative. I have no ill will or feelings as I know the simple fact that some people do not know their status, and I took risks. But there is one things I have clearly learned:

If you want to promote staying HIV-, adhere to the lessons preached in the 80s/90s...condoms/safe sex always! There are no exceptions.

Simply put, I am tired of today's HIV- person believing that they somehow have a right to play unsafe with casual sex and that is it MY responsibility to disclose my status casually and freely to everyone (on websites, etc.) so that they can do so! Somehow their freedom to play unsafe is more important than my privacy!

These are the same people that have likely slept with countless people with all sorts of STDs, yet they run from anyone who would be honest by disclosing rather than being informed and responsible.

Forget it, I am not disclosing!

A lot of porn stars have been revealing their HIV status.

I'm starting to think it is a trend.

This is really a tragedy. Hopefully he can use the media spotlight around him to raise awareness.

Gay men are the group most affected by HIV.But I think,they have the right to live like a normal human being in this beautiful world.They should be strong & taking responsible for not spread HIV to other.

Think Positively

yeah right....u hook up with guys..Lets be honest

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