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Obama, Evolve After November 6th

| 1 Comment
Obama Evolve
Evolve already! That's what many gay activists and bloggers are insisting. Obama must come out and support gay marriage now, during the election.

What's the rush? We're winning this fight, big time. Pushing Obama to support gay marriage today, as opposed to eight months from now, will have virtually no effect on the timeline to our inevitable victory on this issue. But it could cost him plenty of votes, and thus, the election.

Obama is by far the most pro-gay president in our history (can anyone dispute this now?), so where exactly are the voters that will switch from Romney to Obama solely because Obama comes out in support of gay marriage? To believe those voters exist, you'd have to find single-issue die-hard marriage equality fanatics that like what they see in Romney right now.

Meanwhile, if Obama is pushed to publicly support gay marriage during the election, all the bible-thumpers out there will find some much needed fervor for getting to the polls and pulling that lever for the Mormon.

I've heard the argument that making this a big election issue now will turn off independents who are sick of the culture wars, pushing more of them Obama's way. If that's true, then the "war on women" is already doing that job. We all hope that those wishy-washy independents will start voting our way on gay marriage, but we have very little evidence that they've done so in the past (quite the opposite, actually). Are we willing to bet that enough of them will vote our way this time -- enough to outweigh all the votes from the poked Christianist hornet's nest?

I've been an AIDS activist most of my adult life, and the most important thing any of us can do right now for people living with HIV/AIDS in this country is to get Obama re-elected. The single most important piece of legislation for their lives in the years to come is Obamacare, which is under vicious assault from a misinformation campaign led by FOX News and the Republican Party.

Weigh that against hearing Obama say he loves us even more than he already does. I can wait for his final kiss.

Peter on:

1 Comment

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Comments on Peter Staley's blog entry "Obama, Evolve After November 6th"

Isn't it amazing Peter how soon people forget,as a 60 year old gbm,i remember the 80's,the anti gay drums pounding,Jerry Farwell and Pat Robinson stated the wrath of god was finally upon us,they were embraced by the republican party,it was called G.R.I.D.,branded a gay disease and people thought you could get it just by being in the room with H.I.V. people,just like they view ebola,the republican party never embraced gay rights or gay people,it doesn'play well in my part of the country,here in Oklahoma our govenor stated the supreme court was wrong on gay marriage,one representative said we were a bigger threat to the family than terrorism,we are 49th in education in the nation,3rd highest in divorce,hobby lobby won the right to not pay for certain forms of birth control,8000 kids in foster care.Why would conservatives fight for aids research when they owe their recent victories to bible thumpers.One person mentioned young men of color with aids,why didn't they come out and vote,less than a 12 percent minority turn out,as a black man I have voted for forty years,because people died so I could. If they win the white house in 2016, I hope I can cover my medication on my own.They want to get rid of the affordable care act with no plan to replace it, I have never seen so much hate directed at one president,even the Democrats won't stand by him,so how can he fight a republican senate and congress,the bible thumpers want to reverse gay marrage all over the south,so what do you think they will do with aids research funding and medication for the uninsured,when we don't learn from our history,we are doomed to repeat it,thank you.

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