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Meth Use Drops 50% In 5 Years

Gil KerlikowskeFollowing up the good news I reported two years ago that meth use had declined among gay men in some U.S. cities, our National Drug Control Policy director recently announced some more good news. Gil Kerlikowske (our "Drug Czar") testified before the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission on May 9th, and said that meth use in this country had fallen by fifty percent in the last five years. In addition, cocaine use had dropped forty percent during the same period.

Anecdotally, I keep hearing that meth use remains pretty entrenched in some communities, including some sadly persistent use among subsets of gay men. But when it comes to meth, I'll take good news when I can get it (especially given how many friends I know with wrecked lives from this drug).

So how bad is meth use in your community? Better? Worse? Feel free to post your feedback here.

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Comments on Peter Staley's blog entry "Meth Use Drops 50% In 5 Years"

i am a former new yorker(left in '96) and i missed the meth epidemic there...i am now in berlin and cape town and i see the beginning of this phenomenom taking root in the gay community. what is startling to me is the amount of slamming as the preferred delivery method. this is taking place in sex, and the other wants to join and needles are shared. the increase in hepatitis c and those wearing the interferon belt is alarming and the outcome is sure to not be unlike the one in the big apple.
what would have helped you stop earlier? maybe your answer can provide a way to get to the ones getting started here...

I am a meth addict in recovery and Sober for 2 1/2 years. I now work to help others recover. I wish I knew the solution to stop this drugs assault on our community. Thank you for reporting on it, and at least there is some good news. With continued awareness, education, and effort I hope the progress can continue. Keep up your good work please. Thank you.

I wish I could provide information that could help stop this spread. I've been sober for 3.5 years and all I can say is that if I knew what would become of my life (career, financial, social and physical), I would never have taken that first bump so many years ago. And I was an excellent "functioning" addict for 5-6 years before the house of cards fell. And it has taken me losing everything 3x before finally realizing it isn't worth it. That shit is so dangerous.

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