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Undetectable = Uninfectious

We are not infectious, or dangerous, or criminals.

"The main news is that in the PARTNER Study so far there have been no transmissions within couples from a partner with an undetectable viral load, in what was estimated as 16,400 occasions of sex in the gay men and 14,000 in the heterosexuals."

Please read about this newly released study:

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Comments on Peter Staley's blog entry "Undetectable = Uninfectious"

I think it is terribly irresponsible of people who are addressing the stigma of HIV make comments like this.

"I mean is that the purpose for the term AIDS doesn't really exist. HIV does exist, but the idea of "full blown AIDS" and other terms have aged out with the advancement of medication."

These people need to know what the hell they are saying when they claim to be trying to improve the world of HIV. Living with this for 18 years gives me some perspective.

"In gay men, you've got quite a dramatic rise of new infections starting in the years since treatments became widely available. This means that the combined effect of being less worried [about HIV], and having more virus out there in the population -- more people living longer, healthier lives, more likely to be getting laid, with HIV -- is outweighing the [beneficial] effects of lower viral load."- Elizabeth Pisani

So we don't need PrEP then?

"Does this mean that discordant couples (or 'serodifferent couples,' as the author called them) can dispense with condoms altogether? Not necessarily. While the transmission rate was zero in this study, the presenter made a point of discussing the uncertainty around that number. She pointed out that while their best estimate for the transmission rate is zero, they can’t exclude the possibility, with 95% certainty, that the true overall transmission rate was up to 4% over 10 years, and that the true transmission rate for receptive anal sex with ejaculation was up to 10% over 10 years."

Hi Peter- I finally saw How to Survive a Plague and was so in awe of your articulate voice and commitment to the cause for finding a treatment for AIDS. As many friends all around me died, somehow I survived those horrible years then 5 years ago tested positive. Being poz for me is almost like no big deal, because there are meds, but only because you among others went before me and fought for me. I want to let you know how much I appreciate you saving my life in essence. Thank you Peter Staley. Oh, by the way, I think you are adorable, which helped get me through the difficult parts of the film.- Todd

Wow, thanks Todd. I'm blushing!

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