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A Meme of Our Own

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By POZ Staff

In the article "To Be Continued" from the June 2013 issue of POZ magazine about the possible ABC miniseries based on the AIDS documentary How to Survive a Plague, we suggested that actor Ryan Gosling is perfect to play activist Peter Staley.

To illustrate our story, we superimposed a photo of Ryan Gosling onto the iconic photo of Peter Staley being arrested at an ACT UP protest.

Here's Peter:
Staley_Arrest.jpgAnd here's Ryan:
Staley_Gosling.jpgBut then, we decided to go a step further. After all, who doesn't love a good meme? And who doesn't love Ryan Gosling?

If you've never seen the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme, then click here to check them out.

They're pretty funny. Even Gosling couldn't help but giggle when asked about them in 2010.

So, we decided to pay homage to the hunky celebrity by creating a meme of our own:
HeyGirl_ACTUP.jpgWe hope it makes you smile! Please share it with your friends!

Editor's Note: Ryan Gosling was neither harmed nor arrested during the making of this meme.

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