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POZ Named An Official Media Partner for AIDS2012!

I am delighted to announce that POZ has been named an official media partner for this summer's upcoming XIX International AIDS Conference, AIDS2012, scheduled for July 22-27 in Washington, DC.

Here's the formal announcement.

I've attended the International AIDS Conference around the world (Toronto, Sidney, Mexico City, etc.) since coming to POZ six years ago and I am thrilled that POZ (together with our sister brand will work closely with the AIDS 2012 team to bring you unprecedented coverage for the conference.

We're at a pivotal moment in the fight against AIDS and this new partnership will enable us to give all of you POZ readers a front-row seat and special, inside access to what will certainly be an historic global AIDS meeting. As POZ has done for nearly two decades, we will ensure that your voices and concerns are front and center in discussions and news of treatment, prevention and policy.

"POZ has been a leading resource of important and life-saving information for people living with HIV for nearly two decades," said Dr. Diane Havlir, U.S. Co-Chair of AIDS 2012. "We are especially pleased to have them as an official media partner because this collaboration will help ensure that within the large landscape of conference media coverage, the news and story from AIDS 2012 will be reported from the perspectives of people living with HIV for their peers and allies."

It is such an exciting thing to know that global AIDS leaders and the global AIDS community will come to our nation this year--a thing made possible by the fact that President Obama, his administration and the 111th Congress lifted the ban on people with HIV traveling into the United States.

And we so look forward to taking your messages to our nation's capital for the conference, and giving you the full scoop on the myriad activities inside--and outside--the conference.

Would love to start a conversation with you all about what you want to see and hear...and what you want American and world leaders to know about what's happening with HIV/AIDS in the United States! So post your comments below!


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Comments on Regan Hofmann's blog entry "POZ Named An Official Media Partner for AIDS2012!"

As we approach the International AIDS Conference, I would like to see more on our progress on the domestic front. It would be wonderful if African American churches were more visible in the activities. Although I know that our churches are still encountering lots of challenges with stigma relating to this diseae, I think that much of what they do goes unnoticed. When the organizing for the community involvement in the Conference began, it took a very long time to get black church folks into the process. There was, I believe, hesitancy on both sides - those in the community who should have been reaching out to the churches in much more concrete ways and the churches who should have known to knock harder at the door to be involved. This speaks to the 'let's wait and see if they ask us" thinking that prevails in one of the most affected Cities in the nation. How long and how many more needless infections will it take to truly act like "One City"?


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