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VLOG: How I Contracted HIV


So this is our 12th video for the vlog... and I hadn't really explained up until now how I contracted HIV.  In the videos, I have mentioned living with HIV since childhood, but never discussed hemophilia or blood products or any of that stuff.  It's kind of interesting approaching these videos the way we approach our talks- in those, we try to explain who we are and why sexual health is important in about 60 minutes.  In our videos, it's one aspect of either our lives or sexual health in general, except that we only have about 4 minutes. (A self-imposed timeframe to work within.)

It's been fun, and it's been a challenge. Thanks for watching!

Positively Yours,

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Comments on Shawn Decker's blog entry "VLOG: How I Contracted HIV"

While you asterisk your comments that it doesn't matter how Shawn contracted HIV, and say we don't make a distinction, the reality is that by disclosing Shawn's source of contraction, you are indeed making a distinction. When are you going to have a vlog on the guy who got fucked up the ass without a condom in a bathhouse trick? Seriously, there's long been a nobility of cause scale and I'm disappointed that POZ continues that judgmental approach where are there are more innocent "victims" out there who acquired through blood transfusion. Very disappointed--this is commentary from 20 or more years ago.

I disagree- explaining how I contracted HIV does not imply a moral distinction. That is your opinion and interpretation, not the reality of the situation. I simply answered a question on my vlog. I'm of the school of thought that as an AIDS community we have to approach all aspects of our lives with openness. The choice on whether to disclose our status is of course an individual one. And I choose to be public about my life with HIV.

If we censor ourselves based on the fear of what people will read into what we say, then we wouldn't be saying very much. I don't feel there's any difference in modes of transmission, and in my fourteen years of writing and speaking about being HIV positive I've never made any distinctions in that regard. And I certainly wouldn't be blogging for Poz if I felt like they had a different take on it.

As for the vlog you've suggested- I'd love to see it. The more voices, the better! Happy holidays to you, Mike.

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Shawn & Gwenn
Since 2000, Shawn and Gwenn have been speaking about sexual health together, sharing their personal story and empowering others to be safe. If you are interested in having them speak at your event, fill out the Contact Us form.

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