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VLOG: 'Dear Gwenn, Are You Scared?'

In our latest video, Gwenn answers a question she gets all of the time: is she scared of contracting HIV as the negative partner in a sero-diverse relationship?

Congrats to frogi1013 for winning the Giveaway from the last video.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Positively Yours,

Shawn on:


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Comments on Shawn Decker's blog entry "VLOG: 'Dear Gwenn, Are You Scared?'"

Okay, I hardly know where to begin. Let's start with the fact you are both adorable. Shawn, I knew, but Gwenn, dang guurrrl!

I'm also very pleased that you made your bed (you'd be surprised) and someone knows a little about ambiance. What's that on your spread, flowers or birds or what? And yes, I was paying attention to what you were talking about. Jeez.

Beyond aesthetics, however: this is terrific information and I am so freakin' glad you are making these videos and posting them.

I appreciate the fact that you so candidly discuss condoms, but it makes me curious about your opinion on all of the attention barebacking among gay men seems to get (if straight people have unprotected sex, is it barebacking... or "normal?"). Especially with microbicides on the horizon, do you look forward to dumping the condoms one day? Are you of the opinion, vis a vis the Swiss Study, that those with a longterm undetectable viral load and no other STD's are incapable of HIV transmission?

That's a lot of questions, I know, but you are both so engaging and frank, and it really makes me want to get some "straight" perspective on these topics.

Keep up the great work.


p.s. the security word they want me to type below is "parsonage." Go figure.

Hey Mark! I am a big fan of you style and substance as well, and am so happy to see you blogging here on Poz... great stuff! Love your questions- I definitely feel the Swiss study is onto something, and am of the opinion/scientific evaluation that an undetectable viral load means a far lower chance of transmission. Perhaps in the near future, a "Dear Shawn, Are You Scared?" video would be a good opportunity to talk about those aspects of things. Lots of love to you, keep spreading the good word and good vibes.


Thank you for your very nice video I have a question, what about Viral Load you completely left that part out. We see more and more evidence that undetectable viral load is very protective. Why not say something about that too?

Thank you for the comment. We will be talking about viral load in a future video, with each one we try to keep the content at around 4 minutes. I'm very excited about what people are saying about the lessened transmission risk when viral load is undetectable- it's an important topic for sure.

Hey Shawn,

Others have already brought up the Swiss Study, but the impact that 2008 study had on HIV prevention strategies (particularly in the West) has been tremendous. I just spent the winter in the UK discussing prevention strategies with some of the top researchers in HIV research (specifically with the sexual minority populations)and the Treatment as Prevention campaign is being embraced left and right over there. There seems to be some momentum in the US as well, and while condoms are still an important component, I would say that there seems to be a shift in focusing on getting community viral loads down to prevent the spread of HIV (as a result of the Swiss Study).

I was just wondering if you could comment on the study specifically and the benefits (or consequences?)of the new Treatment as Prevention strategy?

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Shawn & Gwenn
Since 2000, Shawn and Gwenn have been speaking about sexual health together, sharing their personal story and empowering others to be safe. If you are interested in having them speak at your event, fill out the Contact Us form.

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